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Cultural Interchange    
Peru Llama Trek & Peru Bergsport has offered cultural exchange programs in Peru that connect Peruvians with international students or culture explorers. As the leading nonprofit cultural exchange sponsor that blends service learning and volunteerism into all of our programs, we are effectively creating a community of compassionate and conscious global citizens, we work focused in to promote cultural understanding, academic development, environmental consciousness and world peace. Peru Llama Trek Cultural Interchange Program organizes high school, University Students exchange, short-term HOMESTAYS in HUARAZ PERU, Peruvian Local Particular University Campus, intern and trainee, summer work and travel programs in the Huaraz Peru, around Cordillera Blanca and through the Perubergsport Travel division, study, teach, work, volunteer, and language programs in over 50 communities around Peru.

Peru Bergsport now sends and receives close to 2,000 participants annually a remarkable increase since we have received 28 students from London and they participated in the high school exchange program in 2005. Peru Bergsport or Peru Llama Trek is more than a cultural exchange organization. In 2001 we adopted Peru Llama Trek as our environmental and social initiative in our program growing up llamas a program brought many interested university students from Europe especially from Belgium to study the Peruvian Auquenids; Peru Bergsport or Peru Llama Trek connects people and planet through environmentalism, fair trade, social transformation and cross cultural understanding.

We offer opportunities to our visitors or participants to make a difference in the world through active participation in environmental and social service projects we encourage our staff to volunteer in their community and practice socially business practice and learn more about our programs in this organizational program

Headquarters Offices:
Huaraz: Avenida Interoceanica 719 - Nueva Florida - Huaraz - Ancash Peru
Skype: peru.bergsport
Puno: Jiron Cahuide 296 - Puno (operating for Cusco & Puno)
Manager: Moises Tito Choque
Skype: perubergsport

0051 43 421335
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